Giving Back

Giving to Others

We believe that Sacred Service and Giving to others is the highest form of expressing our innate divinity.  We often hear the phrase that “in giving  we receive” – and with this…  we whole-heartedly agree.

Peru brings us magical gifts and we are deeply humbled and honored to have the opportunity to bask in it’s beautiful light and bathe in the power and spiritual energy that Peru gives to us.

So in traveling to this amazing land – we are taking the opportunity to give back – not only in shining our light on the people, animals and places that we connect with while we are there – but also in directly helping some of the most beautiful and “in need” of everyone we will encounter.

In addition to our day of Sacred Service at the orphanage in Cusco and with the animals as Ccochuasi Sanctuary, we will be giving back (either money or much needed items) in the ways we list below – and any amount of participation you would like to have will be very lovingly welcomed.

Cusco Orphanage:Maria

Hogar de Menores – literally means Chidlrens’ Home.  Not only will be be blessed to be able to spend some hours in sacred service to Peru’s neediest children (girls who are orphaned or victims of abuse) – but we will also be collecting supplies that they need and gifting them to the children and the amazing people that run this special place.  We will gather a “wish list” and bring the supplies and bring a donation to help pay for them.

Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary

We will be visiting the sanctuary and we will have the opportunity to meet and interact with these amazing animal brothers and sisters.  This is a family run sanctuary that takes care of abandoned, severely abused and sick animals – all on their own dime.  Dante is a biologist and makes sure that the care provided is as good as possible.  There is nothing else like them in Peru.  We would like to make a donation to the family – by raising some money before we leave for Peru – and then doing a beautiful presentation to them while we are there as a group.  It will mean the world to these beautiful people and the incredible work that they do.

Read more about them and our volunteer work here:
Read more about their good work here:

Q’ero Tribe

These are amazing people whose entire existence is living in their spiritual heart and preserving the connection to light, balance and Pachamama (Mother Earth).  We are exceptionally lucky to be able to work with a deeply loving and powerful Q’ero Shaman (known in Peru as a Paco) named Luis during our Despacho Ceremony and our San Pedro Ceremonies at the Mountain House Retreat.  Along with his brother Juan they bring the gift of magic and healing to us.  Their homes and village are very poor and located high up in the mountains where they walk for several hours to get to us.  Their only source of income are the crafts they make for the Pacos to sell and a meager existence from selling potatoes.  Each time we visit Peru we ask what we can bring – sometimes it is school supplies for their kids, sometimes shoes, etc.  They are very poor and live in very modest conditions.  They never complain – but they do need things (like school supplies, etc).

Read more about these amazing people here:

Amazon Voyage:

Donations permitting – we will also be contributing to the following places in the Amazon:

Angels of the Amazon – they work with the local indigenous people of the area and help those that are in the greatest need.  Covering healthcare, education and basic needs this organization does wonderful work.


Isla de los Monos – the Island of the monkeys is a non-profit working to take care of orphan, abandoned and injured primates on a shoestring budget.