Group Magic

The Magic of Group Journeys – Connecting with Like-Hearted Seekers

This is an epic adventure for spiritually aware people.

We are excited to connect fellow truth-seekers who are eager to meet like-minded and like-hearted people.

Together we will explore enigmatic sacred sites and extraordinary natural places of power.  Places that will inspire your soul and enliven your being… taking you to a place of deep reconnection with the world around you, the wisdom within you and the people around you.  You will meet teachers in your fellow group travelers and in the plant and animal kingdoms… and it will open up conversations of the most profound kind.

Journeys like this have the power to transform you and when you travel with like-hearted people the bonds created are often greater then even your family.  You are no longer just a drop in the ocean but part of a movement expanding consciousness toward a more loving, kinder and collaborative world.

Small groups offer security, friendship and deep connections… and this journey is crafted to take you deep on a personal and collective journey.  You’ll meet friends, soulmates and … who knows… perhaps even your future spouse!