Trip Highlights

Trip Highlights

Your Personal Transformation and Expansion – First and foremost – each day you will expand your own personal frequency and growth… expanding your capacity to live in alignment with your authentic nature, free yourself from what you think needs healing and super-charge your own capacity to bring light to yourself, to others and to the planet.  Deepen your own spiritual path.

Sacred Power Places – You’ll visit places of peace and power with knowledgeable guides including Q’ero Paco (Shaman) Luis and Kucho, the shaman of Machu Picchu.

Stunning Scenery and Ancient ruins – including Sacsayhauman, Ollantaytambo, Temple of the Moon and of course Machu Pichu – a city built on a mountain of quartz crystal.

Extraordinary ceremonies and talking circles– including a traditional Despacho ceremony (to release old energies), meditations at sacred sites and special community circles integrating the magic of the country and our individual transformational experiences.

Sacred Plant medicine ceremonies – life expanding ceremonies in a beautiful, safe, heart-opening garden in the mountains above Cusco.  San Pedro (known as Wachuma to the indigenous people) and an optional Ayahuasca ceremony (with the magic of Machu Picchu nearby!) – both plant teachers that have been used for thousands of years by Andean Shamans.

Indigenous Animals – an opportunity to visit with animals native to Peru and special to the Inca – get up-close-and-personal in a beautiful sanctuary that cares for them.  An exhilarating overhead flight by an Andean Condor (with 10-foot wingspan!) is an extraordinary experience you will never forget.

Sacred Service to others – we believe there is no greater expression of our divinity than service to others.  Your transformational journey will end with a poignant and heart-warming morning with underserved local children.

Fun – LOTS of fun!  Each activity will be undertaken with an intention of joy, fun and laughter.

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