Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey to Peru –   An Epic Spiritual Adventure

Shamanic Journey is an epic transformational two-week journey that will take you from stunning scenery to soul searching bliss.  Two incredible weeks of breathtaking locations, spiritually groovy activities, ancient history and mystical experiences.  Far more than a sight-seeing tour – it is a life-changing spiritual adventure.

Would you like to experience a deeper connection with the sacred power places and shamanic traditions of Peru?  To visit Machu Picchu one of the newest wonders of the world with the Shaman who calls is home? Most importantly – discover yourself in the infinite mysteries and clarity of life?

Join us for a transformational journey into Peruvian mysticism through powerful energy centers of this sacred land.  A journey to connect deeper with yourself and the ancient heart of the Andes – with like-minded and like-hearted people.

While we have a detailed itinerary –  we always leave room to surrender to the magic that shows up along the way!

“The difference between hearing about a place and experiencing it for yourself is akin to the difference between being told there is a God and having a mystical experience. There is no substitute for the experience.”