Add-on Voyage

Due to the Pandemic – travel and tour companies have been working in a limited capacity.  We are endeavoring to secure voyages either to Lake Titicaca or to the Amazon – based on interest and what we can secure at this time.  Both are magical adventures.

For those of you that would like to journey on – we are going to be adding another 6 days and going either to the Potent Lake Titicaca or to the Magical Amazon.  Trip details will be finalized by the end of February.

An overview of each option is available here:



We are excited to offer an add-on to our Shamanic Journey to Peru – an amazing 6-day journey to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.  This adventure will include an opportunity to deepen and integrate your awareness and understandings of the past 12 days and further raise your personal vibration through experiences in nature that you can’t have anywhere else.

Swim with the rare Pink Dolphins – it is exhilarating (!), explore Aya in the jungle, frolic with free-roaming friendly monkeys, embark on exciting jungle treks (day and night!), ride a thrilling eco-zip line over the Amazon tree canopy and experience interactions with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

We will volunteer with indigenous peoples and share a common purpose and heart.  The frequency of the Amazon forest will lift you  in incredible ways.

Ceremonies and rituals will be included and some incredible opportunities for deep rest and relaxation – surrounded by some of the most incredible scenery you have ever experienced!


Lake Titicaca is powerful!

We are excited to offer an add-on to our Shamanic Journey to Peru – an amazing 6-day journey to Mystical Lake Titicaca.  This Voyage will include an opportunity to deepen and integrate your awareness and understandings of the past 12 days and further raise your personal vibration through experiences with cosmic energies that you can’t find anywhere else.

Renowned as the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca sits at 12,506 ft. in elevation…. most importantly – it is also an incredibly potent place and carries deep spiritual importance.

Mystical Lore:

According to Andean myth, the entire world was once flooded by heavy storms, and thrown into cold and darkness. The Inca creator god Viracocha then rose up from the center of the flooded world, at Isla del Sol (Sun Island). There, Viracocha created the great Sun god (Inti), Moon goddess (Mama Killa), and stars. Inti and Mama Killa then gave birth to the first human beings.

Gateway of Ascension

Lake Titicaca holds the key to crystalline consciousness. Along with Egypt’s pyramids and Ireland’s Hill of Tara – it is one of the three gateways to the Threefold Golden Flame – inviting us to awaken to our divine selves.  The natives of the region are in sync with the energies of the lake, the frequent extra-terrestrial visits and the wisdom of PachaMama, our Earth Mother.

Experience a shift of consciousness towards the great awakening, a deeper connection to our fellow human beings and the greater powers

Extraordinary Experiences

Our trip will be one of deep transformative experiences.  We will visit initiation chullpas at Sillustani, designed to assist adepts in transcending 3d planes of consciousness.  We will create ritual at the Amaru Muru doorway – an incredibly potent portal to ascended states of consciousness.  We will visit the mystical Temple of the Moon – a place unlike any other in Peru.  And finally we will create a ceremony at the most potent place in Peru – El Roque on the Island of the Sun… the place where the most powerful Sun Disc of ancient worlds is said to reside….

Wonderful guide Jorge Luis Delgado

We have the honor and the privilege of having Jorge Luis Delgado as our guide for this part of the journey.  We have traveled with him before and his knowledge and shamanic guidance is wonderful.

Jorge Luis is known around the world as a knowledgeable guide and the one that brought the understanding of the Amaru Muru portal to the western world.  His knowledge spans the culture, the traditions, and the spiritual heritage of the vibrant ancient world. He is a “chacaruna,” a bridge person, who assists people in connecting to their spiritual self within their own traditions.

Day 1 – (Friday July 2)

Fly Cusco to Puno on morning flight

Pick-up from airport by Jorge Luis Delgado

Tour Sillustani

Transfer to Taypikala Lago – lunch and briefing by Jorge Luis Delgado – (mysteries of Lake Titicaca and UFO sightings)

Dinner at hotel

After dinner labyrinth walk and fire ceremony

Overnight Taypikala Lago

Day 2- (Saturday July 3)

Experience the potent Aramu Muru Portal

Wachuma Journey to deepen our understanding and increase our frequency

Day 3 (Sunday July 4)

Transfer to Copacabana, Bolivia

Boat to Isla De Luna – Tour the unique Isla de la Luna.  Guided meditation

Boat – To Isla de la Sol

Tour – Temple of the Sun on Isla de la Sol

Group Dinner

Overnight – Isla de la Sol

Day 4 – (Monday July 5)

Boat to El Roque / Labyrinth / Sanctuary (one of the most potent energies on the planet)

Group ceremonial activities in the tradition of the ancients at El Roque

Boat back to hotel

Group Dinner

Overnight – Isla de la Sol

Day 5 (Tuesday July 6)

Sunrise ceremony – harness the powerful energies of Inti as it rises to bring the day

Boat to Copacabana

Shopping in Copacabana

Back to Hotel – Evening closing and Cacao Ceremony

Day 6 (Wed July 7)

Return Cusco (or Lima and fly home)

DAY- BY- DAY Itinerary here: 



Due to the travel restrictions of 2020 – the tour operators are just getting up and running.  Cost details will be available by Dec 1, 2020.

What is included:

Flights from Cusco to Puno

Return Flight from Puno to Cusco or Lima

All tour services

All entry fees

All overnight accommodations

All meals

Sacred plant ceremonies

Other Sacred Ceremonies (Cacao ceremony, Fire ceremony, etc)

Lake Titicaca Trip Planning and FAQ’s  (coming soon)