Day 9 – Ccochahuasi Sanctuary and Pisac Market

Day 9:  Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary , Llamas and Alpacas & Pisac Market

(Monday, July 2)

Group travel to Ccohahuasi Animal Sanctuary to meet rescued indigenous animals.

Short stop at a Llama / Alpaca preserve to get up close and personal with these adorable animals.

On to Pisac to visit the famous market or (optional) visit to the ruins of Pisac.

Return to Cusco.

Dinner on your own.

Overnight at Casa de la Gringa or Mountain House for optional sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony.



An opportunity to feel the connection to our animal brothers and sisters.  Meet indigenous animals who have been injured or abused and are now living in a beautiful setting.  Experience the thrill of having a condor flight over your head (with a 10-foot wingspan!).  Possible bottle feeding of young alpacas.  Presentation of donation to Dante and family that owns Ccochahuasi.

A stop at a nearby Alpaca sanctuary with an opportunity to see several different species and get up close to feed them.

Then on to Pisac market – a thriving market for an opportunity to purchase some souvenirs and gifts.  Visit the ruins of Pisac (optional).

Pisac ruins are built on rows of fine stone terraces with panoramic views of the Andes mountains.  The main Temple of the Sun is built on a huge protruding spur of volcanic rock, carved into a “hitching post for the sun” or Inti.  There are also baths, altars, water fountains and a ceremonial platform.

The market is a lively and bustling place selling gifts and food.


Ccohahuasi Sanctuary

Soul Connections with Animals:

Awana Kancha Llama / Alpaca sanctuary

Pisac Ruins

Pisac Market

Aya Plant Medicine


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