Community Gatherings 2020


2020 Community Gathering Calendar

January 4 – 5

2020 Clarity of Vision & Heart Retreat

January 10
Messages of Love from the Other side

An Intimate circle with Roby Chevance – a gifted medium who will be bringing messages from our loved ones that have crossed over.  A chance to interact, ask questions and receive loving messages from your beloveds on the other side.  (This highly spirited event will  provide attendees a rare opportunity to connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Rev. Roby Chevance, D.D. approaches the challenging subject of death with an unusual combination of compassion and humor as she allows the paranormal activity of mediumship to become quite ‘normal’. Will include a transcendant meditation for the circle and an opportunity for 8 participants to have the opportunity to receive messages from their loved ones who are no longer with us, in a safe and loving environment, which honors Spirit and the eternalness of the Soul)

April 25:
Peruvian  Ceremony with Shaman Lesley Myburgh

June 21 – July 7:

Life Transforming Shamanic Journey to Peru

Sept 20 – 27

Chaco Canyon Sacred Mysteries Voyage

Oct 5 – 17:
Body / Mind / Spirit Retreat in blissful Bali

Oct (TBD):
Peruvian  Ceremony with Shaman Lesley Myburgh