Day 3 – Sacred Ceremony

Day 3:  Wachuma Ceremony

(Monday, June 24)

Optional walk to Plaza de Armas to see some of the Inti Raymi celebration. (Ancient Inka Sun Festival)


Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremony at Mountain House Retreat.

Cleansings with the Q’ero Paco (shaman) Luis during ceremony.

Late afternoon visit to the adjacent Temple of the Moon to see the moon rising!

Spend time in the re-birthing cave and emerge fully embracing your new intentions.

Possible private group visit to the altar of the Temple after dark – seeing the  moon reflected on the altar… magical!

Dinner and overnight at Mountain House Retreat.

About Wachuma Ceremony

San Pedro, a cactus, also known as Wachuma is a sacred plant used in the Andes for healing purposes. Most people drink this medicine to heal on an emotional level, but it is also used to cure physical illness.  San Pedro reconnects us to ourselves and also to Mother Earth.  The plant is a master teacher, a great gift from Creator.  It helps us to heal, to grow, to learn and awaken, and assists us in reaching higher states of consciousness.










Q’ero People

Inti Raymi Celebration