Itinerary Overview 2021

Itinerary Overview 2021

Highlights and trip Inclusions.  A great day-by-day guide (with photos) can be found in the link below.

Day 1  (Sunday June 20)

Arrive in Cusco no later than NOON.
Transfer to hotel (A taxi driver will be waiting outside of the terminal holding a sign with your name on it).  Acclimatization:  Rest + Oxygen at hotel.  Hyperbaric chamber & Massage appointments. 4:00 opening Circle with group.  Hosted Welcome dinner at Shaman Vegan restaurant with a special greeting by Shaman Mallku.

OvernightTaypikala Hotel Cusco
Lunch / Dinner: Included

Day 2   (Monday, June 21)

Acclimatization / Introduction Day. Hyperbaric Chamber / Massage appointments.  Group circle learning about the Peruvian Sacred Sites we will be visiting / Archeo-Astrology and Andean Mysticism. Free time.  Jewellery with Mercedes (trusted Merchant).  4:00 Sacred Despacho ceremony with Q’ero Paco (Shaman) Luis.  Group Dinner at Chia Vegan

OvernightTaypikala Hotel Cusco
Lunch:  Own
Dinner: Included

Day 3  (Tuesday, June 22)

Tour sacred sites of Cusco – Sacsayhuamán, Tambomachay Water temple, Qenko and Qoricancha.  Transfer to Mountain house retreat

Overnight:  Mountain House Retreat
Breakfast:  Included
Lunch –  Box lunch for picnic at Qenko (included)
Dinner –

Day 4  (Wednesday, June 23)

Sacred Wachuma ceremony.  Evening stroll to Temple of the Moon to visit sacred “rebirth” cave and watch the sun set.  Dinner and overnight Mountain House Retreat.  Special private opportunity to be inside the temple of the moon after dark and see the moon spilling on the altar!

Overnight: Mountain House Retreat
Meals:  All Included

Day 5  (Thursday, June 24) Happy Inti Rayme!

Depart Cusco for Sacred Valley.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Stop for a powerful meditation at Quillarumiyoq an ancient calendar.  Visit a private museum to experience energy of a manifested life form from another planet. Lunch at Kaia Shenai in Urabamba.  On to the mystical Naupa Iglesia portal at Pachar for special ritual / sound healing and ascension group ritual.  On to Ollantaytambo for dinner and overnight.

Overnight:  Ollantaytambo at Casa Blanca Lodge
Breakfast:  Included
L / D:  own

Day 6  (Friday, June 25)

Visit sacred sites and ruins at Ollantaytambo.  Group cleansings and meditation at Temple of the Condor. Afternoon train to Aguas Calientes at the foot of Machu Picchu.  Briefing with Shaman Kucho.  Hosted dinner at delicious Indio Feliz restaurant.

Overnight:  Aguas Calientes at Intawasi Hostal
Breakfast / Dinner:  Included
Lunch:  own

Day 7  (Saturday, June 26)

Early morning bus to Machu Picchu.  Inka Shaman Kucho will lead us in sunrise rituals and then tour and reveal the magic of Machu Picchu.  Remainder of day at leisure at Machu Picchu or surrounding town.

(Optional overnight Aya ceremony with Kucho $210)

Overnight:  Aguas Calientes at Intiwasi Hostal
Breakfast: Included
Lunch / Dinner:  own

Day 8 (Sunday, June 27)

Restorative day! Morning in Aguas Calientes at leisure.  Explore the market, thermal baths,  have a massage or stroll along the river.  Return to Cusco Mountain House in the afternoon.  Evening group activity.

Overnight: Mountain House Retreat
Breakfast / Dinner: Included
Lunch:  Own

Day 9  (Monday, June 28)

Wachuma ceremony at the Mountain House.  Afternoon walk through the Temple of the Monkey, the Heart Stone and the mystical portal.

Overnight: Mountain House Retreat
All meals:  Included

Day 10  (Tuesday, June 29)

Visit and volunteer at the Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary working with the puma, bears and llamas.  A quick stop at Awana Kancha to feed alpacas. Then on to Pisac for lunch and shopping in the bustling market.  Return to Mountain House Retreat.

Overnight:  Mountain House Retreat
Breakfast / Dinner:  Included
Lunch: Own

Day 11  (Wednesday, June 30)

Wachuma ceremony at the Mountain house.   Afternoon walk to the sacred streams and mystical temple cave.

Overnight: Mountain House Retreat
All meals:  Included

Day 12   (Thursday, July 1)

Special Volunteer time at Hogar de Menores girls orphanage in Cusco for the highest expression of sacred service.  Remainder of day at leisure to spend in Cusco to rest or get that last minute shopping in! Evening closing circle. Hosted group dinner at Tunupa Restaurant.

Overnight:  TBD
All meals:  Included

Day 13   (Friday, July 2)

Tour ends.  Depart for USA. Transport from Casa de la Gringa to Airport.(included)

Breakfast:  Included

Day by day itinerary HERE:

Add-on to Mystical Lake Titicaca

For those of you that want to continue on and deepen your journey – travel on to one of the most potent energetic places on the planet.  The voyage to Lake Titicaca, the Island of the Sun,  Island of the Moon and the powerful portal of Aramu Muru will bring to you the energies of ancient Lemuria, The Golden Disc and cosmic travels.

See more about it here: