Day 5 2020 Sacred Valley and Naupa Iglesia

Day 5: Travel to the Sacred Valley

(Thursday, June 25)

Today we depart Cusco for the Sacred Valley of Peru.  During the beautiful drive we will see the lovely landscapes on our way to visit sacred sites and participate in powerful group rituals  / meditations.

Our first stop will be the ancient sundial at Quillarumiyoc – an archeological wonder and power spot.  We will explore this ancient site – and enjoy a group meditation together – integrating our journey from yesterday’s Wachuma ceremony; anchoring in our learnings and attuning to higher frequencies.

We will stop for lunch in at Kaia Shenai – a wonderful organic restaurant with a charming garden in the town of Urabamba.

After lunch we shall embark on a “pilgrimage” to the Mystical Naupa Iglesia – a powerful spot where we will engage in some sound healings (with frequencies that are intended for the space) and have time to spend in the portal window and in sacred rituals and cleanings in the space.

We will finish our journey in the town of Ollantaytambo where we will check into the hotel.  Then we will have dinner at the Hearts Cafe – where the proceeds go to help the local population.

Overnight Ollantaytambo at Casa Blanca Lodge


Peru’s Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley in the Peruvian Andes, runs from the old imperial capital of Cusco to the enigmatic citadel of Machu Picchu.  It is a place of eerie natural beauty, ancient Inca cities and mystical places.

Encompassing what was the fertile homeland of the Inca Empire (1438 to 1533), today the transcendent region – also known as the Urubamba Valley – is a quiet expanse of country that is steeped in Andean history and culture.

Quillarumiyoc – A mystical site whose Inka name means “the stones of the moon”.  Here we will visit an ancient calendar that tracked moon and sun movements and aligned with the seven chakra system.  We will see the difference in building between the Inka and the much older Andean people who possessed a lost high technology.

Pachar (Naupa Iglesia) – Inca’s belief of Pachar was that it was a portal to another dimensional doorway leading into three dimensions.  We will hike up to this mystical place and have the opportunity to sit in the doorways of the portal.  Group meditation and sound ceremony attuned to the musical and energetic frequencies of this magical spot.



Pachar –


Hearts Cafe

A restaurant run by locals that donate their proceeds to bettering the lives of the disadvantaged people who live in the region.  The primary purpose of Living Heart (the foundation supported by the restaurant) is to help rural communities situated high in the mountains around the Sacred Valley of Peru in the areas of Nutrition, Health, Education and Conservation.

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