Day 2 2020 Preparation

Day 2:  Mind / Body / Spirit Preparation

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Today will be spent with a focus on fully preparing yourself for the transformational journey – your body / mind and spirit.

Take the opportunity for acclimatization, rest and renewal.

Hyperbaric Chamber sessions and Massage appointments as scheduled.

Lunch is on your own at at your schedule.  We strongly recommend Green Point Restaurant which is very nearby.  It is easy to get to from the Casa and the food is nutritious and supportive of your body.  (link below)

In the afternoon we will gather and learn more about the mysticism of the Sacred Sites, Geomancy (the Earth energy frequencies) Archeo-Astronomy, and Astral Alignments in Andean architecture.

Following the circle we will experience a magical Despacho Ceremony with Q’ero Paco (Shaman) Luis.

Despacho Ceremony – A despacho is a prayer bundle used for hundreds of years by the high shamans of the Q’ero lineage.  Used as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance or make a specific request of the spirit world.  The despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants.  And becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.  We will use this magical ceremony to solidify our intentions for our own spiritual voyage.

The Pacos carefully lay out specific offerings into a beautiful mosaic.  Each has a special meaning and they will share that with us as they mindfully craft it.  Then the group will have the chance to include their offerings inside.  Once completed they will use this to make a special cleansing and blessing individually to enhance the frequency of your intention.

Once complete – they will take it high into the mountains and burn it in ceremony as an offering to the Divine in all.

Q’ero Paco (Shaman) – Are said to be direct descendants of the Inca people and are indigenous bringers of light, balance and reverence for Pachamama (Mother Earth).  A people whose existence is to promote healing and well being to all.

After the Despacho there is a hosted Group Dinner at Chia Vegan Kitchen.  We will walk together to the main plaza for a wonderful dinner and see the preparations in the square for the Inti Rayme Celebration.

Overnight at Casa de la Gringa.




Despacho Ceremony



Green Point:

Chia Vegan: