Day 10 – Ceremony and Temple

Day 10 – Wachuma Ceremony

(Tuesday, July 3)

Our final day of sacred plant medicine for the deepest integration of our spiritual expansion and personal transformation.

Afternoon walk to Temple of the Moon and the sacred springs that run through the valley.

Group dinner at Casa de la Gringa

Overnight at Casa de la Gringa.


Temples near Ceremony site:

A stone’s throw from our Mountain House Retreat Center is Amaru Machay (Serpent Cave) also known as The Temple of the Moon. This is a pre-Inka site dating back thousands of years and is considered a rebirthing center – a perfect place for you to let go of the past and embrace your newfound understandings shared with you by the spirit of San Pedro.

Other archeological sites with numerous Inka temples are a few minutes’ walk away with many enigmatic stone carvings, some of which are considered to be mysterious inter-dimensional portals.

High mountain cleansing springs feed the streams running through spectacular scenery.